Zenobia Lazarovici: ” Posting great photos helps me get cool collaborations…but the activity is the one that attracts other users to my profile.”

How would you describe Zenobia in 3 words?

Funny, hardworking, creative.

The cliché-question: what inspires you?

Everything around me. But mostly other talented individuals and their work. They inspire me to be myself, work hard and never stop dreaming.

How would you define your fashion style?

My style is modern, clean and slightly eclectic.

What do you wish you knew before starting blogging?

So many things. How this industry works, how to use social media to my advantage, what I should focus on the most, and the list could go on. But there are also things I am happy I didn`t know back then. Like the fact that people are more interested in the behind the scenes dish that in someone`s real talent. It would have probably got me terrified enough to never start this journey.

What made you want to give blogging a try?

I studied fashion design and photography. So a blog was a very good way to combine my love for the two. When I started my blog I was designing and sewing. So my first plan was to use my blog to promote my designs. But very soon I realized that if I want to do something right, it`s not the best idea to split between the two. Both required my full attention so I had to make a choice. I chose  blogging but the door is not closed yet, as I am still planning to build a small fashion brand at some

You’re a fashion and photography graduate, how did you transition from being a designer to being
a blogger, stylist and model?

As I was saying before, the transition happened very smoothly and natural. I needed to get out there in the world and share my taste and skills. And a blog was the perfect medium to achieve that.

How does a usual day look like for you?

My days never follow a schedule and certainly look very different. There are days when I am only shooting and days where I sort and edit everything I`ve been shooting. Days when I am spending all day long on social media and answering mails and days when I am looking for new opportunities online. The only routine thing is having my coffee first thing in the morning.

Your posts look like fairy tales with modern princesses. (I must confess, I didn’t initially realise you
are Romanian). How do you choose the themes for your shootings/ articles? 

Thank you! I just let the outfits speak. And then, of course, all the magic happens while shooting.
Finding the right spot and nailing the perfect poses and frames is essential. I hear this `I was convinced you`re not Romanian` thing quite a lot. I am flattered but then I am also like: Wait… What, can`t a Romanian be very good at something? We also got our share of talented people.
Unfortunately, many of them are not appreciated enough.

What’s the achievement you’re most proud about so far?

That I have found my true passion and made something out of it. I get so many confirmations I am doing the right thing and each and every one of them contribute to my confidence and drive.

What does Zenobia Lazarovici do when she’s not a blogger?

When you`re a blogger, you are a blogger full time. I am always working as there are so many tasks behind what I do and I am doing it all by myself. And if I get some spare time I like to cook or hang out with my friends. And guess what? Even if we plan not to, we always end up talking about blogging. Cause you see, some of my friends are bloggers and then the other ones are just curious.

You and few other Romanian bloggers were recently invited by Chanel to go to Greece for the launch of their latest fragrance, Gabrielle Chanel. How did you feel when you opened the invitation?

Flattered and surprised. By now I got so used to this `it`s all about numbers and fame` nonsense that I wasn`t expecting it for sure.

You live in Timisoara, Romania. Tell us something no one should miss when there. What’s your favourite spot in town?

I don`t get out that often, so I am not sure if I know the coolest hangouts. But I would always take a walk on the Bega river`s bank. It`s very relaxing and there are so many cool spots to stop by and grab a drink.

What’s the direction you wish your activity to take in the future?

I will just keep on going and who knows. You never know what life offers you. For now, I would love to keep snapping the best visuals possible, get involved in cool projects and grow Neoandlime.com. I stopped making too many future plans as it never happens as planned.
Sometimes you just go with the flow and it`s so much better than you could have imagined.

You’ve got over 25k followers across your social media channels. What are your tips for a successful social media feed?

As Instagram changed so much in the in the last couple of months, the best advice I can give right now is: Engage, engage, engage! You need to be very active. There is so much non-sense online about what you should do. Telling you to just post great photos and use hashtags. It`s all a lot of baloney, trust me. I would have loved for it to be like that, but unfortunately these days it`s very difficult to grow a following.

Posting great photos helps me get cool collaborations, a lot of compliments and a few extra comments. But the activity is the one that attracts other users to my profile. I show a lot of love and leave a lot of comments. Every single day.

How do you find the Romanian blogging scene compared to the international one?

A complete mess. I feel that the affiliation between brands and bloggers is very dysfunctional.
Brands and PR’s take the notion of audience targeting very broadly and they are not doing a very good job at finding the right people. Would you add Pesto pasta to a Chinese restaurant menu? No! People are going there for the Chinese food. So let the Italian restaurant handle the Pesto pasta and the Chinese one to handle the Chinese food. Just because they`re both restaurants doesn`t mean they`re sharing the same customer.

That`s exactly the issue with the Romanian blogging industry. PR’s and brands are just working with whoever they`re most comfortable with. Ideally, someone that is a friend and they`ve been already working with many times before. And the bigger the audience, the better. It doesn`t matter that audience is not the right one.

Quick Q&A

Your motto:

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” By Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

Your statement wardrobe piece you couldn’t live without:

Cool, flat slides.

All-time style icon crush:

Carine Roitfeld.

Fave app:

Plann. It`s an app I use to plan my Instagram feed. It helps to see how are the photos going to look
next to each other. You can also use it to draft posts, set reminders and edit your photos.

All-time favorite trend:

One of my favorite styles out there, is the androgynous one. And unlike minimalism, this one
never went out of fashion. It just gets reinvented each season.

Photo courtesy of neoandlime.com

Article by our Intern, Ana Maria Oprea.

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