Fashion Weekend by Band of Creators

Band of Creators Designers’ Store had organized a Fashion Weekend between 25th and 26th of March. The event consisted of a popup shop and fashion shows open to the public. It was a great chance for Romanian young designers to be seen and for people to discover them. The location chosen for the event was more than perfect. The baroque influence of the building and its interior design was creating a more than appropriate atmosphere.

Amongst the exposed designers were Ioana Ciolacu, Pas du Tout, Parlor, AFMF, CLOCHE, Larisa Dragna and others. Though the prices of the pieces were not the most affordable, you could see that it was worth it only by touching the qualitative fabric. More than that, the designs were very modern, trendy and fresh.

One of our favourite pieces was the PARLOR embellished shirt. Shirts are a must this season, moreover embellished ones.

Among the exposed pieces you could see the ones chosen by ELLE Romania, one of the partners of the event. More than just a popup shop, there were a few fashion shows also.

We welcome this kind of events and are ready to encourage both the organizers and the young designers to many more.

See you next time, Fashion Weekend!